Moray Glass


Double Glazing is a very good insulator in your home, Here at our own premises here in Elgin, we manufacture double glazed units of different thicknesses all to the customers own requirements.

Glazing Options

  • Ordinary glass – called Annealed or Float glass
  • Safety Glass – This can be Toughened, Laminated, Safety Wired Glass or Annealed glass with safety film applied to it. Safety glazing is mandatory for all installations within 800mm of the floor in windows and partitions, and in doors and side panels. Glazing is marked in the corner with BS6206. 
  • Low Emissive glass or Low E glass – Specifically designed to reduce heat loss through a window, excellent thermal insulation characteristics, reducing heat loss by up to 30% over ordinary glazing. Can be used in insulation units or secondary glazing systems. 
  • Decorative glass - This can be Opaque, patterned, Stained, Sandblasted or Etched.

In addition to the above standard glazing options there are a number of further choices to be considered, An advanced, high performance Low E Glass that allows a clearer view through the glass can be used. Self-cleaning glass, Not 100% maintenance free but it will not need to be cleaned as frequently or thoroughly as conventional glass.

Argon Gas filled units are used to improve the thermal and in some case the acoustic properties of the double glazed unit. Georgian bars or leaded designs may be added.

As manufacturers of double glazed sealed units, we are working hard to keep up with all the new European legislation that applies to the glazing trade, by installing new machinery to manufacture double glazed sealed units to the highest standards.